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Some Sorta 'Voice Reel' Some Sorta 'Voice Reel'

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PuffballsUnited responds:

oh god no don't listen

Theory Of Everything 5 [Fan Made] Theory Of Everything 5 [Fan Made]

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Vigor Vigor

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This song is amazing.

The first drop is more melody-oriented and reprises the tune set by the pre-drop part, which is spectacular by the way; I also thoroughly enjoy how it changes mid-drop to a similar variation.

And then there's the second drop. Where to start? It is absolutely MAGNIFICENT! It not only features a dope buildup, but it separates itself completely from the first drop by introducing a more ambience-like and mysterious vibe which adds greatly to the song's overall athmosphere. In the second half it starts building up as if something was inevitably catching up to you, making it even more stunning and mysterious.

The "aftermath" of the second drop reprises the main tune of the song with some melodic additions in the background, before changing into yet another variation which keeps the song fresh and adds to the melodic feel of the section. The following part is one of my favourites because it gives me a feeling of a concert where everyone is just clapping their hands to the bouncy beat while the variated tune keeps playing in the background.

The third drop however is basically a copy of the second drop, not that it's a bad thing because as I've said the second drop is absolutely fantastic but I think you could have at least added something to it or modified it in some way. The ending is also a bit off from the general theme of the song, it sounds like someone just turned the song off.

Despite that, this song is still mind-blowing in every way. Great job!

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Sidestep Sidestep

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This song has a mysterious and ominous vibe in the pre-drop parts that I absolutely love, the first drop is mind-blowing and the melodic parts are fantastic as well.
I have to agree though with other reviewers in saying that the secon drop isn't quite as good as the first one: I'm personally a great fan of drumstep but I think the song would have beneficed more with a second drop more similar to the first one or at least a bit less drumstep-y.
Although I have to admire that although this was made with great trouble by you it still sounds incredible in its entirety.

Found this thanks to Sidestep by Chase97 in Geometry Dash, and despite my trouble in getting through the level I haven't and won't get tired of hearing this song!

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Egypt's Doom Egypt's Doom

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Tbh not bad, not bad at all. Apart from the cuts the melody and beat are nice.

gdalkali responds:

thanks, yeah I recorded the segment directly from Beatwave (the app I used) so it's kinda my bad for being so impatient and cutting it a bit off xD

Spaze - Awakening Spaze - Awakening

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The ending is... peculiar.

SpazeUnofficial responds:

It is. ;)

belmourne mounce belmourne mounce

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This is dank, EXTREMELY dank!
Ik it's a joke, but that is a kick ass bass!
If only it was longer/a loop...

btw will u upload it on youtube or can I do it?

Lockyn responds:

Go for it, just credit me! I won't be uploading it

Undertale - Papyrus Theme Undertale - Papyrus Theme

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DuoCore - The Furious DuoCore - The Furious

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Tags: fuck, beat, bass, big room fucking house

Also, it's not an Xtrullor song if there aren't screams/creepy voices

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the Insult song (swearing) the Insult song (swearing)

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holy shit

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